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hanges11-26-2019 0○9:20 BJTTOKYO, Nov. ○25 -- China and J●apan agree●d to make great ○progress in c■ultural and peop○le-to-people exch○anges and inject◆ new impetus into b○ilateral relations■ t


hat meet the〓 requiremen◆ts of the new era, ●Chinese State Cou〓ncilor and For〓eign Minister Wang ●Yi said her○e on Monday.Wa●ng made the r○emarks while att○ending a r◆eception f◆or China-Japan pe◆ople-to-pe■ople exchange○s hosted by 〓the Chinese e○mbassy in Tokyo. Ear◆lier on Monda●y, the two cou●nt

ries lau○nched a high-lev〓el consu

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lt●ation mechanis〓m on people-to-peopl●e exchanges.●Wang said that Chi●na and Japan are ○neighbors with○ a long history of● exchanges of● more than ●2,000 years. ■Thanks to the joint● efforts


o●f both side●s, cultural and peop●le-to-people exc■hanges betwee◆n China and Japan ●are gaining new vit◆ality.The two p◆eoples have more fr■equent exchan〓ges with each■ other. The n○umber of vis〓its between Chi●nese and Jap●anese people ●is expected to r●each 12 million this〓 year, equiv○alent to mo●re than 30,●000 daily b■etween the two c〓ountries, Wan○g said. Back◆ in 1972 when bil〓ateral relat○ions were 〓normalized,● the number wa●s less than 10,○000 for a year.Chin■ese people ●see Japan as a pop◆ular destinati◆on for oversea●s travel. China we■lcomes more Ja〓panese frien〓ds to visit differ●ent parts of ?/p>

ts vast land an〓d feel the rapid ch〓anges that are happe○ning there, ●he said.Wang not●ed that the mutua●l understanding betw■een the two people■s has been deepenin〓g. With more and■ more communication■s with eac■h other, the distanc■e between heart and〓 heart is getti○ng closer.This Ma〓y, a Japanese you〓th wrote to Chin■ese President● Xi Jinping about hi●s own experien●ce from never know◆ing China to falli■ng in love ◆with the country, ■expressing strong d○esire and belie◆f in helpin●g promote China-Jap◆an friendshi■p, Wang said. P■re

sident Xi○ sent a reply to hi●m, h

u〓ral, peopl?/span>

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oping that○ the youth of th●e two countries ●will make posi○tive contributi●ons to the brigh●t future of bila●teral relations.M●eanwhile, p〓eople-to-people a○nd cultural exc○hanges between ●the two countri●es have become 〓more colorful wit〓h increasing ◆exchanges of b◆ooks, films and T〓V programs, sa●id Wang. As Tokyo ○and Bei


jing wil■l host the Olympic ◆Games next y●ear and the Wi●nter Olympics ○in 2022 respec●tively, he called on○ the two sides to s〓trengthen 〓mutual suppor○t and cooperatio●n to ensure◆ the success of th〓e events.Wang stress○ed that to ■promote pe○ople-to-people exch●anges between China ●and Japan, the two p■eo

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